Jump into the trends.

Paris, Milan, London, New York … We started the Color Zoom
journey with a trip around the world of fashion. Our trend spotters
were on a mission to take an expert look at the shows and exhibits
of today’s most inspiring artists - it's important, as their insights
regarding upcoming trends will be used to create the new Color
Zoom Collection.


The new Color Zoom Team blooms.

The Global Color Zoom Challenge is on:
all Color Zoom National Winners are competing to show their
very best in the event’s Global Creative, New Talent and Partner
Categories. These are the three who went beyond expectations:
Larissa Bresnehan, Sargis Airapetian and Daniel Rubin.
They team up with Goldwell International Artists
Agnes Westerman and Sascha Haseloff to create Goldwell’s new
Hair Fashion Collection.


The new collection is born.

The new Color Zoom Creative Team meets up for the first time
to have a creative workshop. Using fashion forecasts as their basis,
they brainstorm together how to transform the fashion trends
into specific hair colors, cuts and styles. The natural
selection process is ongoing and only the best ideas remain.

A new Color Zoom Collection is born - ELEMENTAL.


The hairstyles need faces.

The next challenge for our Color Zoom Artists is finding the faces
that will represent the new ELEMENTAL Collection. Our Team
scouted the world and selected six models to express all of the
ELEMENTAL features: mineral colors, minimalistic shapes and
futuristic stylings. How exciting to have found perfect matches.


ELEMENTAL takes it first breath.

Once the models have been selected, it is time for the big Color
Zoom Photo Shoot. The Creative Team can proceed with realizing
their creations on the hair of the models. Supported by creative
experts, including international photographers, wardrobe stylists
and make-up artists, they take beautiful pictures to showcase the
ELEMENTAL Collection.


The ELEMENTAL Collection is created.

The shots are here! It’s a great moment; finally getting to see the
result of the long hours in the photo studio. Now comes the
selection, so that these great visuals can be shared with stylists all
over the world. It’s time to create online and offline materials,
Social Media and Press campaigns to promote
the ELEMENTAL Collection and the Color Zoom Creative Team
in the best light possible.


A New Dawn.

The time has finally come - our Creative Team is ready to share
the result of a year’s journey - the presentation of the ELEMENTAL
Collection at the Goldwell Global Zoom Event in Barcelona.
2018 will be the year of the ELEMENTAL - a new dawn for
Color Zoom begins.